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Purchase of one signed, paperback copy of the book Conversations with Top Real Estate Investors, volume 3, featuring Valerie M. Sargent. Price includes $20 book, plus $5 tax & shipping.

Have you ever wanted to be sitting at the table when major real estate transactions were happening, just to be able to glean insider information? If your answer was, “Yes,” then this book is dedicated to you. You are going to be like a fly on the wall as top real estate investors are being interviewed and sharing their tips and strategies to being successful. These are honest and raw interviews with the intent to inspire you to follow your real estate dreams. In this book, Valerie is featured in a chapter that tells her story of how she was drawn to real estate investing. Valerie shares her multifamily expertise for those thinking of investing in the multifamily space, and she covers a few of her favorite strategies learned as part of a nationwide community of real estate investors. Buy the book, and then ask her how YOU can get plugged in with a community who cares about helping you set a new path toward financial freedom and achieve your own real estate investing dreams.



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